Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Greeting and Peace to The Ancient Egiptain Church of Kararst
which is a soul saving temple our job as Nuwaupian Karastians it to teach and raise up the mental dead people and bring them to The Real Living Messiah, spoke about in Revelation 1:14-15, Revelation 2:18,Revelation 12:1-6, Revelation 14:12, The Noble Qur'aan 4:156-159, The Holy Tablets Chapter Fifteen Paa Gishiynaat The Christians Tablet 1 to Tablet 24 and Dead Sea scroll. As well as Christ series, live class cd's, and dvd's on The Yeshua Al Masih(Jesus Christ who is know Re-Har-Akhety or Har Amun Paa Messuh who name is carve on the wall of Ancient Tama-Re(Egipt) which is in our Mother and Father land Nuwba call today Africa,as well as Ancient Sumer, Babylon as he is know as Tammuz and Hebrew Yeshua.
We are not a religion group, sect or like any other churches we do thing differenly so let us be us and you be you and we can respect each other in that way, We The Ancient Egiptian Church of Karast under United Nuwaupian Nation Worldwide Master Student Teacher of The Founder, Overseer/Guarding, Master Teacher and Nuwaupianister Dr.Malachi Z. Kobina York(Amun Nabab Rayay Aakhakh Ptah) which will make us Nuwaupianister, when we call ourself Nuwaupianister what we doing is steering them lost souls to the science of Wu-Nuwaupu and perparing them for The Coming of The Real Living Messiah as The Body of Karast which we are as a temple which hold Paa Baa(The Soul)and Paa Kaa(The Spirit) Making us true Gods call in Hebrew Elohim in The Flesh Psalms 82:6, John 10:34 and strong #H430 which will give you more insight.
Thanks to Paa Kathur 'A Re and Paa Nazduru and the Guidance of The Master Teacher Dr.Malachi Z.Kobina York(Amun Nabab Rayay Aakhakh Ptah) which none of this would have happen if it wasn't for them must respect go to the whole family as well, like more outformation/information check out the true facts from Actual Facts, Paa Taraq, other books, dvd's ects at http://www.unwonline.com and http://www.wu-nuwaup.com  please enjoy to Outformation/Information as we enjoy your present
One Mind, One Unity and One Supreme Force!

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