Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The subject must Christians try to run away from the truth
about many Gods(Elohim).
since 1992 I Dr. Kamose Kahemeht Ib under the teaching
of Dr. Malachi Kobina York(Amun Nabab Rayay Akh Ptah) grow up in a Christians home
and was taught to believe in the three Gods in on God concept.
God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit
now how can one God be Three Gods in one?
They can't 'cause for The Son to be The Father
will mean he wouldn't be sitting on the right side
of The Father, but He be sitting in the middle as The Father.
But he not which mean The Father and Son is not the same
which mean The son is not The Father at all as must Christians
have some to believe.
Now where is The Holy spirit in all of this,
wouldn't he be sitting on the left side of The Father
or is he sitting in the middle as The Father who sent the third
part of himself not as The Son which still mean he is not The Father.
Now in The Bible is state is it wrong to talk bad about The Holy Spirit,
but is not wrong to talk about The Son.
Question: If The Son and Holy Spirit is one of the same as The Father
wouldn't it be wrong to talk bad about The Son as well?
What some Christains don't get is The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit
is not Three Gods in One God as you was taught to believe.
Now Y'shua who must people call Jesus spoke hebrew
and in Hebrew The word for God is Elohim(Gods, Rulers, Judges, and Angels}.
Which is more than one God look up strong's #H430 for true reseach on the word.
So for one to say God is Three Gods in one God,
will be saying Elohim(Gods, Rulers, Judges and Angels) are a Group
of Elohim(Gods, Rulers, Judges and Angels) in a group of Elohim(Gods, Rulers,
Judges and Angels) in that doesn't make sense.
Now Three Gods in One God now let count one, two, three in one
will make it four, now who is The fourth God?
Let me tell you who The Blessed Mother Mary as The Goddess Aset,
her husband Asar as The Father, The son is Har and The Holy Soul is Khonsu.
This is you true quantity before the trinity coming out of Ancient Tama-Re(Egipt)
which is in the mother and father land today call Africa which is really Ancient Nuwba.
So now we know they are not three spirit Gods in one spirit God,
but was living and breathing human beings from beyond the star incarnated
in the flesh who work as a family on one accord.
I know some will disagree with me and say that's the work of The Devil
like they is one Devil when you bible in Leviticus 17:7, Mark 3:22
and 1st Corinthians 10:20-21 say devils.
Now one of these devils was a Elohim(Gods, Rulers, Judges and Angels),
who are Agreeable and Disagreeable beings which mean these other devils
are Elohim(Gods, Rulers, Judges and Angels) as well.
So these devils as Elohim(Gods, Rulers, Judges and Angels)
was disageeable who disagree with somethings and that one devil
from that group of devils disagree also.
meaning he was a Elohim(Gods, Rulers, Judges and Angels)
who just disagee about many thing and we all have it in our nature as well,
which will make us agreeable and disagreeable Elohim(Gods, Rulers, Judges
and Angels). No I didn't say this devil from a group of devils
or these devils or us are The Most High Deity,
'cause we can't be The Most High Deity at all.
So now you overstand that there is no such thing as three Gods in one God,
but many Gods in Hebrew call Elohim more then one God don't believe me
check it as The Master Teacher Dr. Malachi Kobina York always state
meaning please do you reseach. Hutep(Peace)

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