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Ok! When must people hear name or see the symbols of Masonary from a Christian
point of view there look at it in a negative way, just like some see Christianity as something negative now for those not to see as such one must do a real reseach on where Masonry and Christianity originally come from who taught it is in it original form how it was stolen by the Tam-hu today know call europeans. How they twisted it around with lies give it back to us the way they teaching
when we should be question any and everything they are teaching us. No more faith no more belief just facts which will lead you to the ulimate truth. Please enjoy this lesson as we enjoy your present and may Paa Kathur 'A Re Wu Paa Nazduru(The Most High Re And The Overseers/Guardians) Protect you all  with many blessing. One Mind! One Unity! One Supreme Force!

Question: When it come to the word occult is there a different between Masonry and Christianity?

Answer: No let me explain what I mean very true both are occults not in the way must people see it. I know some christian gonna' get upset about this truth is truth and the truth is we Nuwaupians deal with facts only. Now if you look up the word occult in is true meaning from the etyolomogy
the word word occult come from the latin word occultus which mean hidden, concealed
secret very true there are secret in the masonic order.

1. Must information that being taught in the lodge is not for everybody to know, 'cause must people will misunderstand it and misinterpreted and take it the wrong way. Plus they mind it like a computer too much information that person can't understand their mind can't handle.

2. What is kept secret must be kept sacred as Proverb 11:13 started a tellbearer revealth secrets but he who is a faithful spirit or should I say fateful Spirit concealth the matter. Meaning those who tell are not to be trust it they are not truthful at heart, now those that are fateful know their word is bond meaning if the gonna' say something they word must be kept as true as when one take a vow or oath which must be kept.

3. In the Masonic lodge thing must be kept in secret from non-members just like in the church they are secrets that are hidden from must members and non-members.

Question: Now will that make Christianity a occult?

Answer: Yes it does

Questions: How can Christianity be occult like Masonry when in christianity
must leaders and people in the churches don't accept what's being taught in masonic lodge?

Answer: Like I say before the word occult come from the the latin word occultus which mean hidden, concealed, secret so when you tell someone something you and that other person kept between you two where every you at, lodge, church, at home on the street on your job ect is a occult by the true meaning of it. So Christainity can be occult in that way not as must people see it as something evil, or as must christians read about it without doing their reaseach behind the true meaning realize that must christian belong to a masonic order.

Question: What you mean must Christians belong to a masonic order wouldn't that make them not true christains.

Answer: No

Question: What you mean by no.

Answer: Understand this Yeshua(Isa) belong to a secret order which will be Order of Melchizedek Hebrew 7:1-3 5:6, 7:8 and 7:21 Yeshua(Jesus)in the bible made a oath which will make him apart of a secret order as well.

Question: I don't believe that you why you lying?

Answer: I don't want you to believe me do you homework(reseach) and no I'm not lying the facts are right in you face when are you Christians gonna' accept the truth that Order of Melchizedek is a secret order which Yeshua(Jesus) belong to and Christians should as well.

Question: Let me ask you this who are true followers of Yeshua(Jesus) when it coming to walking the same path as he did  FreeMasons or Christians?

Answer: I say  FreeMason must of them and you have some of our black christian brothers and sisters who walk the same path as well.

Question: How can you say thing like this when masons drink, smoke, have sex with all
types of women, and lie?

Answer: True some Freemasons do like must christians act like they are righteous
when must of them do the samething in a very sneaky way don't point fingers when it being pointed right back at you.

Question: Why are you attacking the christians for speaking the truth on occults?

Answer: I'm not attacking the christians I'm just sharing information with my black brothers and sisters who are christians to see the facts for themselves and not to believe everything these so-call white preacher or uncle tom/aunt june followers is teaching our people on Masonry, you like to know the truth well you can go to youtube and checkout live class video on masonary by Dr.Malachi Z.York like Who Knows The Secrets, Freemasonry and Egypt Pt1 then to The Light in Freemasonry and Egypt Pt 2 and Pt 3, The Hidden Secret of Freemasonry in Egypt, Wholly by Bill or Holy Bible, Shriners and The coming of Christ as well as Ashra Kwesi Africa Orgin of Freemasonry and Dr.Yosef Ben- Jochannan Ancient Egyptian Masonary which will open up you heart, soul and mind as you see what true freemasonry coming from ancient egipt in our homeland Africa is all about.

Question: What happen if one does their reseach and don't agree with it?

Answer: Well that's their choice I'm just sharing information if one agree or disagree is on them I'm not here to force anyone to accept what I post and I will like the same as well and thank you all for reading this and have a nice day Hatap!

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