Monday, July 23, 2012


Raahubaat Wu Hatup(Greeting and Peace) To All  Nuwaupians and Non-Nuwaupians
let's speak about All Who is All, What is All and Where is All?
Question: Who is All? Answer: We are The All in All not as a single deity as a plural deities as The All being part of All as one in All and All in us. Question: What is All? Answer: All is you     can't take from All, for where would you put it? You can't add to All would you get it from? All exist before The All and The All Exist before Existence which exist before blackness and blackness exist before darkness and darkness exist before light meaning All exist before space and time, All is which has no beginning and ended All is and will alway be All. Before at the beginning All created The All and The All created blackness which created the darkness which is the state of peace giving birth to light which is kaos and confusing which is there is no light is all a illusion meaning you still in darkness and dakness is in blackness and blackness is in The All and The All is in All.
Question: Where is All? Answer: No where for All is above Where.
Question: Is the mind All? Answer: No for All to be the mind All has to be inside of something and All can't be inside of anything only pesons, places and thing can be in All, now can the mind be The All no the mind is in The All just like we are The All in All.You have the physical plane where human reside above the physical is the mental plane where the mind reside and over the both physical and mental plane is the spiritual plane where The Most High know as Re or An-Naay The Furthest who is The Supreme Who created The Supreme Being creating Supreme beings who created the mind which is in All not All for the mind is apart of The All, one as The All in All like we Are The All in All just as many call God All ,Well God is not All if God is a single God can Part of The All in All as a group as spiritual beings and Human Beings as in the love of The All for All is love. For Black man is universe Uni-Verse one and  Black Woman is Multiverse Multi-verse many so men is part of Women and women is apart of men The All is apart of All and All is apart of The All in All. So The Black Woman give birth to all men and women of all races as All give birth to The All. So now you know who, what and where All/The All is remember your God what ever religion group you belong to Moses-Ism, Christ-Ism and Muhammad-Ism ect what every name you call your God and the mind what every throught you put in it is not All just part of The All in All.

Begin All Prayers and Thinking As apart of The All

I am in the divine love of The All Expanding.
And All love is in me.
I am a part of The All Expanding
and All is a part of me.
I am one as The All,
and All is one as me.
I can succeed as a part of The All Expanding,
and fail as an individual person.
I can be all that I wish in The All Expanding.
As long as my wish is to stay inside of The All Expanding.
I am never by myself
The All is I am/
The All can, I can.
The All does, I do.

Thank you All for reading this have a great and wonderful day and shadow hour
             A'shug Wahud!(One Love)

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