Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Re-Har-Akhety Paa Messah

Question: Who is Re-Har-Akhety or Har Amun?
Answer: He is The son of Asar and Aset
The True Savior of today The Living Messiah.

Question: What does the word Messiah means?
Answer: Hebrew the word is Mashach which me to rub with oil
to anoint to consecrate.
In arabic it has a more powerful meaning which is Al Masih from the arabic root word Masaha
meaning to rub off, to wipe off, blut out, erase: to clean.
Meaning to clean you sins away once you accept Re-Har-Akhety
as you personal anointed savior.

Question: Is Paa Messah The Most High Deity of Deities?
Answer: No for he is one of The Deities Sent by The Most High Deity
to make sure we are spiritual ready so we can make our tranformation
to The great Mother ship call Bennu.

Question: Is Paa Messah The blood son or spirit Son of The Most High Deity
Answer: Re-Har-Akhety who some call Heru(Horus), Tammuz, Yeshua,
Isa or Jesus is only son by spirit which in hebrew will be ben,bar in Arabic ibn.
Not blood which in Hebrew will be Yeled and in Arabic Walad
for The Most High Deity didn't have sex with any human female
to produce any human sons or daughters or was produce by any human being.

Question does it matter what image Paa Messah come in?
Answer: Read Revelation 1:14-15 and Revelation 2:18

Question: How does one become born agian?
Answer: You must accept Re-Har-Akhety as you personal anointed savior
not by lips only but by heart, soul and mind.

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    praise re/ra i love the site lets re-build the kanesa(church) and prepare them for the coming