Monday, May 17, 2010


Question: Who are Elohim?

Answer: They are our ancient ancestors
who pro-created us in they image and likeness,
making us they children and Elohim as well
read Genesis 1:26-28

Question: Are they physical beings?

Answer: Yes! They are spiritually beings
who can incarnate in the physical who have parents,
siblings, children, sleep, eat, breath and die like we do.

Question: Are Elohim the same as the Paa Nazduru and Anunnaqi?

Answer: Yes! Seraphim who are Paa Nazduru  translated from the egiptian language
mean The Overseers the plurar form of the title Paa Nazdur which is The Overseer The Watcher one who watch, a person who supervise things, and Cherubim who are Anunnaqi means those that Anu sent to Qi Earth from The Deity call Anu which mean The Heavenly One both group can be agreeable and disagreeble Elohim in hebrew means Gods, Rulers, Judges and Angels #H430.
Arabic is Allahuma which mean Oh Allah his Angelic beings and Attributes
Those group of Supreme beings are our Mothers and Fathers
which will make us Supreme Beings as well just working to the level they are at.

Question: Can any one be The Most High Deity?

Yes! Meaning if you are the most intelligent person
in that group in rank you are The Most High Deity to that group,
intil someone else is more intelligent than you
will be The Most High Deity to them.
No! Mean it doesn't make you Anu(Re) The father of Enki(Ptah) and Enlil(Bes)
who is know in Genesis 14:18 as Alyuwn Alyuwn Al( Elyown Elyown El)The Most High El,
Paa Nazdur Re(The Deity Re) Anu, On, Eloh, Allah The Supreme Being son of Enama or The Most High Supreme An-Naay call in tones Paa Kathur 'A Re who is our Creator The Futherst, The Absolute who is beyond beyond.

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