Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Question: What is the true meaning of God

Answer: Many Cultures and Religions had they own concept of who God is
and who God isn't Jews believe in Yahweh who is Huhi a Egiptian deity
as they only Creator, Christian believe God is Jesus three diffrent gods
in one God as they lord and savior who die for they sin.
Now they are Muslims like the Jews who believe in one God no partner
in his rulership call Allah, Nation of Islam teach that Allah come in the person
of a half blackman(God) and Half whiteman(Devil) call Master W.D. Fard Muhammad,
Five Percent Nation believe and teach they are Allah Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, Head
God Cipher Divine in the flesh like in the Hindu religion believe
in many Gods and other cultures and religions as well.

Question: What about The Nuwaupians don't they believe in Gods,
how can they point finger at other cultures and religions
and they teach the samething?

Answer: First of all we Nuwaupians don't believe or accept other religion
concept of Gods, even through we give respect to The Overseers/Guardians call Paa Nazduru
who is our spirtual and physical mothers and fathers who some call Gods or Deities.
We also knowledge the existing of The Most High Re(Paa Kathur 'A Re)
who doesn't come in physical form who his higher then the Most High Deity
The Supreme Being call Anu son of Enama who sent the Paa Nazduru(Overseers/Guardians)
to us who are not spook beings in some spook heaven but a living and breathing living beings
like us but in different universes and in this one as well.

Question: Do you believe in God?

Answers: No! I know who God is The Black Woman who we was created from in her matix(womb) which is the state of darkness.

Questions: Why will you say something like that wasn't you raise in a christian home?

Answer: Yes! I grow up gonna' to church didn't like going but as a child
I had to go.

Questions: Ok you say you didn't like going to church when you was a child
is that not correct if so why are you apart of a Church call The Ancient Egiptian
Church of Karast and what is the meaning of it?

Answer: When we call ourself a Chuch we not using the word church as part of some christains group who deal with belief with no facts we are a church as in a temple even through both mean a place of woship we teach the body is the temple and the soul is God which is the real person
inside of us we don't pray on the outside to some unseen force but on the inside
of us as God not The Most High Re.
The meaning of The Ancient Egiptain Church of Karast
which is one of our post with the same title as part of The United Nuwaupian Worldwide which will explain what we are all about.

Question: I'm confuse I through Black Woman is God so you saying Blackman
is God as well?

Yes! We are both Gods children of The Most High Re Psalm 82:6 and John 10:34
which science teach she was here first and we came from her which is a fact
not as most religions teach that we men was first and she come for us
which isn't no facts at all.
want more information of the subject you can go to any All Eyes on Egipt Bookstore
for Actual Facts, Paa Taraq and other books which we take you to another level
and transform your mind, body and soul as Gods.

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