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A few people ask me what is that symbol and what does it mean,
I tell them is the key of life to the next world and that the figure
is The Living Messiah and if also mean the symbol of our suffering.

Question: So you are saying that this is the cross that must christians use?

Answer: No this is a Egiptians symbol not to be confuse with the cross
that the Europeans stole from Egipt

Question: So you saying that the cross that the christian use today come from Egipt?

Answer: That is correct.

Question: So do you believe Jesus Christ as your savior?

Answer: No who is Jesus Christ?

Question: If you don't know why you have a his figure on the ankh
and what do you mean who is Jesus Christ do you want to know him
as you savior.

Answer: No don't want to know Jesus Christ as my savior don't get me wrong,
not trying to get you upset why will I want to accept a figure who doesn't look like me as my savior, when I ask who is Jesus Christ just like to see which Jesus are you talking about'cause many christians religion have they own concept who Jesus is and who he is not. We Nuwaupians have a savior his name is Dr.Malachi Kobina York(Amun Nabab Rayay Akh Ptah) also know as Paa Nabab Yaanuwn who is perparing us for true living Messiah.
No Dr.Malachi Kobina York(Amun Nabab Rayay Akh Ptah) is not The Messiah so when I say he is our savior, what I meant is he has mentally save us from the lies we was taught as a young age not meaning he is The Savior who will spiritually save us for our sin but one who have save us from mental death and who has woke and it still waking us up so we will be readying mentally and spiritually for The Real Messiah.

Question: Ok I see now what's the differnt between the christ figure on the cross
and the christ figure on the ankh are they the same person?

Answers: No they are two different figures the christ on the cross is the image
that the white folk made which is the image of the breast which some of our people
is blindly worship as the savior and giving power to it, when they should be accepting a image that look like them that way they are giving power to themself and no other race.
The christ figure on the ankh is not Christ it is the Karast figure who in our image and likeness who is one of The Paa Nazduru(The Overseers) who we Nuwaupian
accept as our Anionted Savior no we are not racist but we are teaching self respect
of kind first and when we as black people resepect and care for each other as a whole, then and only then will we be strong in unity not saying hate other
races as well it mean don't mix your seed with them.

Question: So are you saying race doesn't matter?

Answer: That is correct.

Question: If it doesn't matter why can we mix our seed with other races
I throught respect and caring have the race.

Answer: It doesn't no one win the race of racism but this is not the subject
for this post let's focus on this right now ok.

Question: Ok Are you born agian?

Answers: You mean born again in the spirit

Answer: Yes

Answer: Yes only in the spirit of Karast not christ.

Question: So you saying Jesus Christ is not the savior?

Answer: That is what we saying.

Question: Why not he die on the cross for our sins and come to save you and me
from hell do you believe that.

Answer: No we Ancient Egiptian Church of Karast don't believe that?

Question: Why Not?
Answer: 'Cause our true savior who is coming to save us is Har Amun
son of Asar and Aset which you can read from my other post call Re-Har-Akhety
Paa Messah and Are You Ready which will prepare you for the coming
of The Real Living Messiah and by the way we Ancient Egiptian Church of Karast don't deal with religion we deal with facts only?

Question: What facts are you talking about and how can one find them?

Answer: You can find them in Actual facts and Paa Taraq and other books written
by The Master Teachers Dr.Malachi Kobina York(Amun Nabab Rayay Akh Ptah) to find these outformation you can go to All Eyes on Egipt BookStore where there are question and answer class well or and

Question: Thank you! Do have one more question why you call this post,
The Ankh, Karast and You?

Answer: You welcome! Now as for why I call this post The Ankh, Karast and you
1. If you look at The Ankh and yourself you will see you are a ankh as well,
2. Karast on the ankh is The Living Messiah meaning he is a live today and we are waiting for him to come and it also mean the symbol of our suffering as well if you have been mentally, spirtiually and physically treated wrong in you life time and still is suffering from that you can relate what we been
through as Nuwaupians while our Master Teacher Dr.Malachi Kobina York(Amun Nabab Rayay Akh Ptah) is lock up for something he didn't do and we are suffering with him as well doesn't matter if we out here free we all fell his pain and suffer with him as well.
3. You why I say you 'cause you are one with the Ankh and Karast in one accord if you accept that you are one with The Ankh and Karast in All 'cause you are are part of All and one in All as a whole that can't be breaking have this information help you?

Answer: Yes and thank you I learn alot

Answer: You welcome glad I help you this is my life and job to teach all lost souls as well as yours so please don't be afraid to pass this out to others each one teach one Hutep!

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