Monday, August 1, 2011


Let me tell you who we are we as blackwomen and Blackmen are The All in All
know as Black Gods, we should be call Black Gods 'cause we are supreme beings
created in the state of blackness which is true peace.
When we was in our 9 ether form before we incarnated in our physical body
which is our brownskin and 9 ether wooly hair coming from rich black soil of the planet earth call mother 'cause she is apart of nature which make her mother nature, who shape and form us her children from her darkness which is the(Matix) womb
making all blackwomen The Most High Goddess of this planet.
We blackwomen and blackmen are Black Gods are the creators who are created
by Paa Kathur 'A Re wu Paa Nazduru(The Most High Re and The Overseers) in they image and likeness spiritual and physical who created all other races,on this planets and beyond making them our children and grandchildren. We as blackwomen and blackmen are Black Gods are soul controllers true owner as Africans of the planet earth the true civilizer of all civilization Black Gods of coming from the multiverse. All Gratitude is for Re(Ra) who come in the person of All Black Gods!

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