Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wu-Nuwaupu or Karast(Christ) Which One Do You Choose?

Welcome to The Ancient Egiptian Church of Karast today subject will be about the science of Wu-Nuwaupu and the coming of The Messiah, and do you have to choose one or another or can you choose both. We The Ancient Egiptian Church of Karast will teach, explain and break it down
on everybody level so they can have a better overstanding in what we teaching.

Question: What does Wu-Nuwaupu have to do with the coming of The Messiah?

Answer: Well you must understand before you can overstanding where I'm going Yeshua(Jesus) as the incarnation of Har call in greek Horus live in egipt for 12 years, so them 12 years living in egipt he was taught egiptian knowledge and living as a egiptian in egipt was the science of Wu-Nuwaupu
which will make him a Nuwaupian as well.

Question: What! That's not true he was a jew not a Nuwaupian I rebuke that lying spirit in the name of Jesus where did you get that information from?

Answer: See someone is a little up set this is not for anyone to get mad just to have a understanding in where I'm coming from, when I say Yeshua(Jesus) was a Nuwaupian what we meant was living in Egipt leaning egiptian knowledge and culture will make him a egiptain who way of life was Wu-Nuwaupu which will make him a Nuwaupian as well which true Egiptians are.
By the way Yeshua wasn't a Jew is a yiddish word and there was no J's doing Yeshau(Jesus) time so the word jew come about in 1514 AD, as for rebuking someone you have to rebuke that anger out of you. Just relex and let it flow we all here to learn not to attack each other.

Question: Still don't understand how can Yeshua(Jesus) be a Nuwaupian and not a jew isn't Nuwaupian a cult group founded by the cult leader Dr.Malachi Z.York now call Dr.Malachi Kobina York and another title?

Answers: Yes! We Nuwaupians are a cult we are using the word cult from the latin word Cultus which mean to care, cultivation, worship which you can go to etymology of words and reseach the true meaning for yourself, no we are not some religion group who go around killing people, killing ourself or controling other people life that's not us. As for Dr.Malachi Kobina York the Z which he use at the time mean zodok which mean righteous which was part of the school of monotheism we was studying in, Kobina mean Tuesdays in Ghana, Africa you can look that up as well to see if is the truth or not as for his other name Amun Nabab Rayay Akh Ptah which mean Faithful Soul of The Ptahites that is the name he use doing the 60's when he first brought Wu-Nuwaupu to us which we are into day dealing with the science of Nature. Which Yeshua(Jesus) learn while living in the land of Egipt, Africa for 12 years but as a hebrew he live by the 613 laws of Moses.

Question: I trought Yeshau(Jesus) wasn't a jew now you saying he's a jew which is hebrew and why will you want to be part of a cult group, that doesn't belive in Yeshau(Jesus) as they savior which is not good oh God please help these people?

Answers: Yes! I did say Yeshua(Jesus) wasn't a jew and that's a fact another facts is the word hebrew come from the aramic word ibriy which mean to crossover from one side to the other side which Abraham did, not just a physical crossover but a spiritual one as well. When Paa Nazdur Amun
as Melchizedek told him about the exist of Paa Alyuwn Nazdur Re(The Most High Deity Re)
call in hebrew Elyown Elyown El in Genesis 14:18 and by the way the word hebrew exist long before the word jew which the word jews having nothing to do in being a hebrew is not even a group of people is a verb action word. Why well I want to be a part of a cult group or should we say culture group 'cause this is the right choice and a way of life for me which I love being of part of no way I'm living this, and by the way we do accept Yeshua(Jesus) as our anionted savior but not as Paa Kathur 'A Re The Most High Re for the father and son are not one of the same. We don't even believe or accept the image that is on must churches wall as the imgage of the beast pass off as the anionted savior when that is not our savior maybe the tama-hu today call europeans and to believe in something mean you don't know, so when we say we don't believe in Yeshua(Jesus) is true we know who the true living Messiah is and he is alive not as some spook but as a physical being in the great mothership call Bennu(Nibiru) Call The New Jerusalem Revlation 21:1-2.

Question: So now that you have explain this to me I will do some reseach  on this subject is there any place I can ask question about that so that way I can really overstand this and teach others as well
as you taught me?

Answers: Yes! My sisters and brothers you can go to United Nuwaupians Community Worldwide and look up  All Eyes on Egipt bookstore near your area and call and ask when is questions and answers class at and when does is start.

Thank You!

You are Welcome and Hutep!(Peace!)

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