Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Flu Vaccine and The Mark of The Beast

Here's another facts I'm about to bring to you, which is the flu vaccine is it good or bad for those who take it. Some doctors believe it will help you from getting a flu well I disagree for two reason 1. Must people that take it have gotten sick from it the question will be if the flu vaccine is good for you wouldn't that mean  those who taken it shouldn't get sick once they do correct.
2. What must people don't know is there is a small micochip inside of the flu vaccine must doctors know and will lie and tell you is not true, only because some of them are fallen angels call demons
incarnated in the flesh to mislead you and to make sure you don't spiritual make it to the other side. Not saying all doctors are bad 'cause there's good and bad in everybody what I'm saying don't put you trust in anybody only put you trust in Paa Kathur 'A Re(The Most High Re) call in ashuric Alyuwn Alyuwn Al, who soul is in you that The God you should listen to and let The God in you speak to you and give you the right choice. Yeah! a few doctors gonna' read this and get mad but truth is truth
and this is what I'm teaching and must doctors don't know is must people who runs the goverment belong to a secret order and has set up the new world order to keep control of people on earth by being number that where the micochip fall in at. Don't accept a word I say please do some reseach for you soul seek this is my Job as a Nuwaupian to explain this is information the best way that I can explain it to anyone who deal with facts only. Now let's go to Revelation 13:8, Revelation 13:16-18, Revelation 14:9-12, Revelation 15:2, Revelation 16:2, Revelation 19:20, Revealtion 20:4 and Revelation 20:12-15. The only reason why I'm posting this 'cause I doctor ask me why are you not
taking a flu vaccine first I didn't want to give him a reason 'cause I feel it was a waste of time and energy explaining it to him so I had to do what I had to do and that is to speak the truth to those who read this information some gonna' accept and some will not. Fi Paa Ren Shil Paa Kathur 'A Re(In The Name of The Most High Re) call Al Alyuwn(Re Alyuwn) also know as Anu I will not take the flu vaccine for my soul seek, not telling anybody else to take it or not to take it is up to them what their gonna' do,I as a Nuwaupian respect each person choice so I ask you to give me the same respect as well. Please enjoy this information as we enjoy your present one unity one supreme force.

Question: What you mean the flu vaccine as the micochip inside of it?

Answer: Well if you do some reseach on the new world order and how it is set up and how must people who work for the goverment know this and know about the main computer call IBM3666 which is in Brussel, Belgium for my information read the book Leviathan 666 The Beast as The Anti-Christ Part 1, Leviathan 666 The Beast as The Anti-Christ Part 2The Millenium Book Part 1 and Part 2 by Dr.Malachi Z.York and other book written by other writter on the New World Order as well.

Question: What about anything else another then the flu vaccine?
Answer: well taught to us by The Master Teacher Dr.Malachi Kobina York back in 1993
he had written a book call Nubian Bullletin Edition 12 666 Mark of The Beast-Visa where he also explain when you get you blood taking or getting a novocaine the micochip can be planted inside of you at the same time and you can be working around with a micochip and not even know it,
Not saying if I do not gonna' take thar chance getting the flu vaccine 'cause I know better I just don't take chances like that when it come to my soul.

Question: Now if those don't take the flu vaccine are ask by the doctor why you not taking it what should I say.

Answer: Be truthful tell them for you soul sake.

Question: Wouldn't some doctor get mad for that.

Answer: Yes! some will and some won't and those who try to talk you into it tell them I don't play game when I take a vow in the name of The Most High Re.

Question: So you saying those who take the flu vaccine will not spiritual
make it to the otherside?

Answer: Yes! Base in The Book of Revealation you will not be counted as part of the 144,000 righteous soul.

Quesion: Thank you I will do my reseach what other place can I find all this out?

Answer: You can go to youtube and type in Flu Vaccine New World order for more information on this subject.

Thank you as well and May Paa Kathur 'A Re Wu Paa Nazduru(The Most High Re and The Overseers) protect you all with many blessing!

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