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9 Question To Ask a Christian About Freemasonary Pt3

Question: 1. Ask a Christian what does the word secret and Private mean  and does these two word have the same meaning?

Answer: They will say have different meaning but if you look up both of the words in the dictionary is mean the same to kept a secret look up any dictorionary be it American Heritage, Oxford, Merriam-Webster you see that word secret and private means the same thing, so when there is a private meeting in the church is a secret meeting like you be saying masons be having when some of you christains be doing the same thing yourself.

Question: 2. Ask a Christian is Dr.Malachi Z.K. York a messiahian a karastaat as you say in english christian even through he's the overseer of Nuwaupian Masonic Lodges under The Original Egiptian Masonic order.

Answer: They will say no he is not a christian because a christian wouldn't belong to a masonic order well you wrong, Dr.Malachi Z.K York as Nuwaupian Freemason/Shriner always taught thatYashua' who you call Jesus is the messiah and savior and he been teaching this even before he became here's the proof taken from the mind scroll by Dr.Malachi Z.York and it reads,The Essence of God, We call on the Son of God to break the spell, by the way of these facts(order). Scroll One The Human Being Mortal Man (19x3=57) Lo! All of ye children of God who have embarked upon the secret masonic order. 2. I, Noble: Rev. Dr. Malachi Z.York-El 33 degree/720 degree is The Reformer.I have been sent to you to break the spell and prepare you for the coming of The Messiah Jesus,The Savior to all Muslims, Jews and Christians. So right here we Nuwaupians Freemason, Nuwaupian Eastern Stars and Nuwaupian Shriners Under the teacher of The Master Teacher Dr.Malachi Z.K.York did accept that Jesus The Messiah The Real One is The Savior, that is to come who will wipe clean the sins of these who acknowledge him as Har Amun(Horus) Paa Messah Son of Asar(Osiris) and The Blessed Mother Aset(Isis) also call in hebrew Dawiyd Yashua Ha Mashiach ( Beloved Savior Anionted One) and Arabic Dawud Yashua Al Masih (Beloved Savior one who wipe clean the sins away) spoken about in Revelation 12:1-6, Revelation 14:12, Al Qur'aan 4:155-159 and The Holy Tablets Chapter fifteen Tablet 23:1-13 and The Holy Tablet Chapter fifteen Tablet 24:43-76.

Question: 3. Since you christians make the statment masons don't teach about Yashua'(Jesus) in the lodge do you preach about Yashua'(Jesus) in places you can't preach at?

Answer: No you don't 'cause must places like you job will not aloud you too like schools, office business meeting ect. When it come to business is business not religion 'cause if you did it will 'cause confusing in the work place and that is why religion is not to be talk about in the working world maybe in some place you can but not in must places.

Question: 4. Ask a Christian: If you claim that masons are spiritual bondage(slave) to one other than explain since you all teach you are spiritual brother and sister in Yashua'(Jesus), why is it when another christians want to do something in the church or outside of the church they have to get promising to do it, wouldn't that mean you christians are mentally bondage(slave) to one another?

Answer: Yes a person can be mentally bondage(slave) to another person if they let themself  but not spiritual bondge(slave) to one another, 'cause where the spirit goes the mind will follow and where the mind goes the body will fellow. Is just when it come to the lodge yes we are mentally, spiritually and physical in unity as one maybe not in must of the churches you belong to.

Question: 5. Ask a Christian since you all can't be unequally yoked with non-believers why are you unequally yoked with one other even through you all claim to teach in the name of Yashua'(Jesus).

Answer: They will say we not unequally yoked with each other when they know that not true
yet different christians group you claim to preach in Yashua'(Jesus) name who claim to be christians but other christians will say that not christians, just because they don't do thing that they do in their churches base on their christians belief they are christians even through they might be running they chuches differently.

Question: 5. Ask a Christians since you state that masons aim at the improvement meaning emprouwment management of something for a profit isn't that the samething when you ask for titles to help out with the church?

Answer: You ask for money or should I say tell those members they must put tenth of the work money to go to the church each month. So when a mason ask for what ever they ask for to help at with any cause you have a problem with it 'cause they not giving the church any part of it maybe if they did you wouldn't have a problem in what they do to with they money.

Question: 6. Ask a Christian: What does the word Woshipful Master means?

Answer: We should look it up in the dictionary in see what it say the word worshipful in the some dictionary it mean to woship or it can mean condition of being worthy, honor, renown sense of reverence paid to a supernatual or divine being. or it can mean to give respect to a person or to bow to a deity. No Masons don't bow down to the woshipful master and say oh woshipful master you are The Most High of The lodge we all bow to you lord, god, almighty as you christians want other to believe. Masons do give respect to offices of the lodge just like church members do with the bishop, minister, dancons, danconess ect.

Question: 7. Ask a Christians if you have a member who have being helping out with the church,
like being of the church board, going to church meetings, being a sunday school teacher, singing
on the choir and it there every sunday, wednesday and friday or saturday at the church helping out and you didn't know he was a freemasons will you still make the statement that freemasons absorbs they loyal time, emotional, spiritual resources, and finances away from the church?

Answer: No you wouldn't long as he doing what you ask of him to help out with the church and the misssion of the church and outside of the church some church maybe but not all and if you didn't know that person was a freemason you still have a problem with it.

Question: 8. Ask a Christians what happen if a person who take a oath and doesn't use God and The Bible is that person still a Mason or a Eastern Star?

Answer: They Will say no?

Question: 9. So are you saying that if a Nuwaupian Eastern Stars and Nuwaupian Freemasons   who doesn't believe in God and The Bible and doesn't use it when taking oath are not Freemasons or Eastern Stars and if not how did they became Freemasons and Eastern Stars by not believing in God or the bible in the first place?

Answer: They wouldn't have answer for it or they will say Nuwaupian Eastern Stars and Nuwaupian Freemasons are not real 'cause their don't believe in God and The Bible and that real Freemasons and Eastern Stars do, But a true Nuwaupain will say We are Freemasons and Eastern Stars before there was a God and a Bible and that Freemasonary and the teaching of Eastern Stars exist before your God and Bible and can be proving with facts and once you show them the Egiptian symbol of compass, square, cross they would be suprise the mouth wide open looking dumbfounded and then have to drop their ego and say we thought we know what we was talking about when we don't at all.

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