Wednesday, September 18, 2013

9 Question To Ask a Christian About Freemasony Pt2

Question: 1. Ask a Christian what does the word architect mean in the hebrew, greek and english?

Answer: Must them wouldn't know and those with a ego will say that is not important only being save in Jesus is important which have nothing to do with the question.Well I as a Nuwaupian say it is a important and here is the facts the hebrew word for architect is 'amown which mean artificer, architect, master workman, skilled workman strong's H525 in greek it is architekton which mean a master builder, an architect, the superintended in the erection of building strong's G753 which you can find in blue letter bible and etymology word architect means a master builder, director of works, builder, carpenter.

Question: 2. Ask a Christian if the devil is The Great Architect of Universe as you taught to believe what did he built that make him so Great?

Answer: They wouldn't have answer for it because he didn't build anything now show me in the bible what he built you wouldn't find it, 'cause is states in John 10:10 he came to steal, kill and destroy which have nothing to do with building anything as you are teaching the blind in to believe he is The Great Architect of Universe when he is not. It also state and Hebrews 3:4 and Hebrews 11:10 God is The Builder and The Word and Architect means builder as master builder so are you saying God and The Devil are the same or can you say you really don't what you are talking about?

Question: 3. Ask a Christian if there is one God The Supreme Being Great Architect of The Universe how can masons from different religion belief accept their Gods as The Great Architect if all they concept of God is different base on their belief?

Answer: They wouldn't know and the fact is there are many Supreme Beings but one Supreme Who we in Wu-Nuwaup call in tones Paa Kathur 'A' Re(The Most High Re) The Great Architect of The Universe know as El Elyown(Al Alyuwn) who is 9 degree higher than Paa Nazdur Re(The Deity Re) who is Elyown Elyown El(Alyuwn Alyuwn Al) Most High El. Who the jews call him Yahweh, Muslims call him Allah and Christian call him Jesus when he is not Jesus or is The Most High El or The Most High Re apart of a trinity as some are taught to believe. Even throught all three main religion was founded by a man call Abraham is it only the jews and muslims who believe and teach The Most High Deity is one, it is the christian who believe in three gods or persons in one apart of a godhead one The Father Who is God, two The Son who is God and three The Holy Ghost(Spirit) who is God. Now you have the buddahist who God is Buddah, Hindu and their many gods and satanism who god is the satan call the devil,which have nothing to do with Judaism, Christianity and Islam or they concecpt of God. So how can all these so-call religions teach and believe that their gods is The Great Architect of The Universe when their concept and belief in God is different from each other they can't how ever they can and will drop their ego for the same goal when it come to the lodge.

Question: 4. Ask a Chrsitians in the bible doesn't it state Jesus came in the flesh as a man?

Answer: They will have to be truthful and say yes?

Question: 5. Ask a Christian what's the different when a mason say Jesus was a man and a Christain making the same statement?

Answer:  There is no different as must christian want some to believe 'cause is state in 2 John 1:7
and John 4:1-2 that Jesus came in the flesh, plus he had human quality which will make him a man
Luke 24:39, Luke 2:52 and Matt. 26:30 and born of a human woman Matt. 2:19-20, Luke 2:7, Luke 2:40  having the spirit of The Most High El ( Elyown Elyown El) making him a God as well not The Most High El(Elyown Elyown El) as Christian was taught to believe but The Savior sent by Elyown Eloyown El who is Paa Nazdur Re The Deity Re.

Question: 6 Ask a Christian was Jesus a teacher?

Answer: Some will say no other will say yes the fact is in the bible Jesus was call a teacher which mean master in  John 13:12-15, John 20:16, Matthew 23:8, John 1:38 and John 1:49 Etymology  word master mean one having control or authority, cheif, head, director. teacher and blue letter bible or Strong's Concordance G4461.

Question: 7. Ask a Christian if Jesus was not a Teacher why he had disciples?

Answer: I'm ask those christians who made the statement that masons say Jesus is a teacher which some of you trying to say he is not when he is cause he had disciples who was he's students making him a teacher who taught them about God, Heaven, Devil and Hell as you be preaching in the church.

Question: 8. Ask a Christian was Paul a Mason and if you find out he was will you still follower
his teaching and became a mason?

Answer: They will say no Paul was not a mason and freemasonry is not apart of his teaching,
well you all are wrong and here is the facts, if you look up the word Master Builder as a stated
in the first question in hebrew is amown in greek is architekton as artifiter, architect ect.
now other hebrew word will be charash strong's concordance hebrew number 2796.
which mean blacksmith, carpenters, craftsman, engraver, jeweler, manufacturers, masons,
shapes, skilled, smith, stonemasons, worker.  Now read 1 Corinthians 3:10 in you will see
word master builder and another hebrew word is chatsab or chatseb strong's number H2672
which have another meaning which the word mason is one. So are you Christians still gonna' deny
 And say  Paul wasn't a mason and that the word master builder doesn't haven't nothing to do
with the word mason or you gonna' do you reseach and see what I'm saying is truth that is back
up by facts, I say is best to do that now if you are you true follower of Paul teaching
why don't you Christians walk the path that Paul walk and became a mason as a master builder
like he was or stop follow his teaching if you against freemasonry, or you gonna' join a masonic lodge and became masons and stop talking bad about masons like all masons are devil worshiper when must of them are not, I know you Christians gonna' try to debate with me on this subjects and for a matter of fact your not gonna' win.

Question: 9. Ask a Christians does every freemasons or masons make a oath in the name of God?

Answer: No you asking me how I know well there was a video where this tamhu(european) man take his oath and didn't say God so all freemason don't use God when taking a oath, what about Nuwaupian Eastern Stars and Nuwaupian Freemasons of The Nuwaupian  well I can say this if Nuwaupians don't believe in God by teaching of Wu-Nuwaup will the answer be yes or no?

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